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Pocket Life is part of the Australian Early Warning Network

September 1st, 2009

The Australian media and the local communities in Victoria, Australia, are calling for a bushfire tracking and early warning tool.

Pocket Life is now supporting the Australian Early Warning Network (EWN) with its technology. Amongst many other emergency scenarios, EWN currently tracks severe weather events and uses the system to alert residents directly in the path of a storm with potential for hail, flash flooding or damaging winds.

As part of this service Pocket Life enables both mobile alerting and location capabilities. For instance, controllers and responders will have access to the system to ascertain the location of assets and communicate with them. This is achieved through the handset where the fire truck can update its position every minute. The asset will show up on the map and will also show who it is and where the event has been.

EWN is multilingual and through EWN’s partnership with Google and Pocketlife the system is now available world wide for free. Many residents, fire brigades and other community services have already registered and more join each day.

Read more press coverage here.

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