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New Pocket Life iPhone Version 2.0

February 16th, 2010

Our newest iPhone version makes location-based social networking more interactive and now includes geo-tagged photos as well as simple ways to store and share favourite places.

The new iPhone version of Pocket Life is out on the shelves of Apple’s iTunes App Stores worldwide. Adding to its existing features to interact and view friends’ real time location on interactive maps the new version now allows to upload and share geo-tagged photos with friends and view them on maps right away.

Other improvements include: favourite places can easily be stored and shared with connected friends and social communication features have been improved. Users can now share their thoughts using a quick status update button and choose from pre-set emoticons to express their mood.

The new iPhone version of Pocket Life is available as a full paid version and a free “lite” version. The lite version has all of the functionality, but limits the number of connected friends you can see on a map.

This iPhone version is the starting point of a ambitious roadmap for 2010. We will roll out Pocket Life across numerous more languages, add fun social features, even more interactivity on the iPhone and support for Google Android.

For a full walk through of the latest release – go to or watch the video here:

Pocket Life iPhone Overview

Here is a list of all the new and improved features:

New Photo storing and sharing
* My Albums view
* Private Album
* Friends shared albums view
* Thumbnails view
* Full screen view (name, description, geo-code and date) and pan through photos
* Share with friends and delete options
* Geo coded location view on map

Enhanced Favourites
* ‘Check in’ places directly from the map
* Record place details and attach photos
* View your and friends favourite places nearby in list or on map view

Faster Pulse
* Rapid status update option
* Multiple emoticons to express your mood

Better Privacy and Group management
* Assign friends to one or multiple Groups and shift them around at any time
* Enable or disable sharing of content per Group at any time

Go to your iTunes store now to download this latest release. Enjoy and share your experience.

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Tracking Australian bush fires on Pocket Life

February 15th, 2009

On Pocket Life you can now track the Australian bush fires in real-time with information provided by the Australian State of Victoria’s Country Fire Authority and the NSW Fire Authority. Just select the “show favourites” icon on the web home screen and tick the “info feeds” option. Then hundreds of fire icons will slowly load into your browser. Hovering over the markers will show more information on the fire incidents and a link for more information. The markers on the web home page map indicate the location of the fire and the colours represent the current containment status. Log-on now to experience it for yourself.

The technology used is a RSS feed and Google has been great in spearheading and sharing the thinking on this topic over the last days. The application of the mash-up to Pocket Life really brings essential information with immediate, potentially life saving, benefits to the mobile social media environment.


It not only lessons the burden on fire service websites and call centres by disseminating up to date information, it also provides a quick way of communicating and broadcasting text and photos with others in the area and people coordinating efforts in front of computers. Pocket Life then provides information on danger areas and combines this with real time locations of people in these areas. In the future Pocket Life could be used to disseminate information to many mobile phones quickly providing optimal coverage as the service works across all mobile operator networks.

You can also donate online to the Red Cross

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Now full touch experience on Verizon Blackberry Storm 9530

January 17th, 2009

Pocket Life is now available on the Verizon Wireless exclusive Blackberry Storm 9530 device.

Go to on your Storm internet browser to download the latest version of Pocket Life.

Enjoy the power of photo capture and sharing, visual contact management, location sharing, GPS track recording, Microsoft Virtual Earth landscape mode touch mapping in road, satellite and hybrid mode and much much more.

Note: For best Pocket Life experience, including image capture and quick GPS fix, always keep your Blackberry Storm operating system up to date.  Go to this site to upgrade your device software:

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