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Pocket Life is here

December 16th, 2008

We are live!

Today we launched Pocket Life – a new location based social network for the web and mobile.

After many months of work, our beta version is out and now it is over to you to get involved with what we trust is a useful and fun service.

With Pocket Life we take social networking to the next level – and that is back to your actual day to day life. Pocket Life is available on the web and also includes a full application on your mobile phone. We have ensured that your mobile version let’s you do everything you where looking for on the go, in the moment.

There are lot’s of cool things you can do on Pocket Life like getting status updates and messages from your friends across all your favourite sites (e.g. Facebook, MySpace etc). But what makes us different is that this is a full location based service so everything is tied to a place like finding which of your friends are nearby and what are the top rated bars to meet up.

More cool things you can do include:

  • you want to go out for a coffee? One look at Pocket Life and you see who of your friends is already sipping a latte in your favourite cafe
  • you want to meet somebody at a very crowded open air festival? Not a problem, see him moving on the map and just navigate yourself towards him
  • you want to share your favourite fun moment? just set your location and upload a photo from your mobile for your friends to see in real time what is going on in your favourite bar
  • you are outdoors? mark your favourite biking or hiking track on a map (via web or mobile) and share it with your friends. If you’re fancy you can add a photo to every waypoint on the web
  • you just arrived in a new city? immediately see your friends’ favourite places around you – Pocket Life will then direct you from your location to your friend’s favourite restaurant, hotel, bar or beach

The good thing is that Pocket Life leaves the decision on what is shared to you at any time – be it your location, contact details or photos. We have also included some smarts around how you control what you share. For example: share your location with your inner circle of friends but not with the work colleagues.

More than 30 handsets are supported right from the beginning – including models from Blackberry (including the new touch screen “Blackberry Storm”), Nokia  (including the new N96 and N95) and many others. Check out our handset page for updates.

Registration is free, easy and open to everyone, just go to www.pocketlife.com on your computer or straight to mob.pocketlife.com on your mobile browser.

We look forward to your feedback and are excited to make Pocket Life better and more useful for you – every day.

Enjoy Pocket Life.


Your Pocket Life Team

Announcement, News Release

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