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Pocket Life now available on iPhone

You waited for it for so long, now we have finally released it – Pocket Life for iPhone!

Your wait was worth it. Our iPhone version is the best Pocket Life version ever. Combining Apple’s user-friendliness with the full feature set of location based services and a social community. Pocket Life is available globally on any carrier and on most newer mobile devices. You can now connect to friends who use an iPhone or a Nokia or Blackberry phone. Our Google Android version will be released soon.

Some of the feature highlights include:

  • High quality photo sharing and storage
  • Easy, three step, ‘connect’ with your friends with full integration of your iPhone address book
  • Multiple, interactive, map views including street, satellite, terrain and others
  • Real time display of friends distance, altitude and status updates
  • Interactive browsing through your friends and favourites lists
  • Local search nearby with ‘quick’ search options available globally

Pocket Life is available from the Apple iPhone App Store. To download the application, just open the App Store on your iPhone or access the App Store directly via iTunes on your computer and search for ‘Pocket Life’ or click on the icon below.

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