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One of the first third party apps for Blackberry Storm released

December 22nd, 2008
Example mobile screens on Storm device

Example mobile screens on Storm device

Pocket Life has this week released one of the first third party applications for the BlackBerry Storm 9500 device. You can download the application by pointing your Blackberry Storm mobile browser to

Enjoy Pocket Life with Blackberry Storm’s responsive touch screen, portrait mode and landscape mode rotation,¬† crystal clear display of 480x360px, high speed connectivity, photo taking and posting with 3.2mp camera, mapping and directions with in built in GPS.

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Favourites are my favourite

December 18th, 2008

Ever since first using a handheld GPS many years ago something I have always wanted to be able to do is easily tag a location and share it with my friends. Manually doing this with a GPS and emailing coordinates was where it stated, then loading into Keyhole (now Google Earth) was good and even emailing links with from various online mapping sites wasn’t bad.

But tagging from my Pocket Life on my mobile and automatically sharing with my friends is awesome!

The basics of this is that with my GPS enabled phone (Nokia N95) I can simply open the Pocket Life application and add a new Favourite Place e.g. bar, cafe, start of a walk etc. This is then saved in my Favourites list and I can access it whenever I want.

There is a nice pre-configured list of categories for me to save it under so that when I need something I can easily find it by browsing.

Adding a Favourite from my mobile

Adding a Favourite from my mobile

What fun is a great place though if you don’t let someone know about it? With Pocket Life I can set up my account so that my Favourites are shared with my friends. Whenever I add a new Favourite they get a message letting them know I have added something and they can add it to their Favourites as well. I don’t have to share all my Favourites with all my friends and I can decide which Favourites I share with what friends. For example: I can share my Favourite cafes with everyone or just my mountain biking spots with my mountain biking friends.

Also very useful is the ability to search for a place and then save it to your favourites which is good for places such as restaurants, bars, cafes etc that you want to be on your hot list for next time you are going out to meet up with friends.

Sharing control for my Favourites

Sharing control for my Favourites

Right alongside saving Places which a specific locations I can also use my mobile to record a track. This is where I use the GPS to record me on the move such as when I actually go for a mountain bike ride. Tracks are then shared in just the same way as the Places and include information such as the total distance, time and altitude profile of where I have been. So great for a training diary or racing your friends.

I can also do all of this from the web, here my preferred approach is to search for and store good places to meet friends so when I am out and about I can easily access these from my mobile.

There is a lot more you can do of course and I would be interested to see what else people are doing with their Favourites.


Pocket Life is here

December 16th, 2008