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Check out the new “Pocket Life for facebook” app

April 21st, 2010

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Geo-tagged Pocket Life status updates on your facebook profile

Geo-tagged Pocket Life status updates on your facebook profile

It is out now – click here to check it out on facebook.

The team has been working hard to come up with a all new way to integrate Pocket Life with facebook. The result is a first of its kind since it allows you to show your Pocket Life status updates geo-tagged on your facebook wall and profile. But not only that: you can basically see all locations, places and geo-tagged photos of yourself and of your friends from within facebook. Check it out!

Friends, Places and Phtos from Pocket Life on your facebook app

Friends, Places and Phtos from Pocket Life on your facebook app

How to set up the “Pocket Life for facebook” application on facebook to get the most out of it:
1) Go here to go to the facebook app page and click “Go to application” on the wall of that page
2) Click “allow” on upcoming facebook pop ups. This will enable Pocket Life to work properly with facebook
3) Once you have logged in and see the first screen of the application on facebook, please log in at and update your location once
4) Then, on facebook go to the “Account” drop down menu and click “Application settings”. In the Pocket Life line item click “Edit settings” and in the Profile tab click “add” for Box and “add” for Tab. Confirm with “Okay”
5) Go to your facebook Profile and click the Boxes tab. In the Pocket Life box click the pen in the upper right corner and click “Move to wall tab”.

Let us know what you think – and expect more fun features to come. This is only another starting point and we  are excited to make it even better and useful for you.

Enjoy and… See you on Pocket Life

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Pocket Life Shopping – Stands for a new generation of shopping apps

December 29th, 2009

Pocket Life now also enables location based shopping.

If you set your location to anywhere in Australia, you can now experience the best of pre-shopping on our web application, just log on to Pocket Life at or on your iPhone.

This special shopping application on the iPhone combines the best social networking experience with the power of location based pre-shopping, enabled by Lasoo, the leading pre-shopping service in Australasia. In addition to all the Pocket Life networking features, if you are user in Australia you can search and review the latest up-to-date product deals around your location. Go to ‘Search Nearby’ in your iPhone App map section and simply type in any product you are looking for and view the best deals around your vicinity on the map.

So no matter if you are looking for the latest digital camera or handbags, you will find the best deal on Pocket Life Shopping.
You will receive retailer details, offer details, including image, price and description of the product and are able to contact the retailer or view the location on a map. Best of all, you can then save the offer details in your favourites menu and share the deals with your Pocket Life friends and later manage and review all your favourite deals on the Pocket Life and Lasoo websites. You will be able to quickly search for thousands of offers and locate what’s on sale from more than 50 of Australia’s biggest retailers and instantly enjoy shopping with your friends. We have introduced this feature first in Australia and New Zealand and it will be rolled out globally after a trial phase.

Check it out today and set the location to Australia, then go to ‘search’ in the ‘Maps section’ and search via the Lasoo product icon. Download the app from the AU iTunes store to your iPhone here:

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Show your location on facebook

March 31st, 2009